Changes In The Care Industry 2019

2019 has been a busy year for all of across the UK including in particular disabled care services and care services for the elderly. Unfortunately there have been several high profile instances of abuse as well as mismanagement in care homes across the country and this really underlines the need for more regulation as well as investment to improve the overall state of these services across the country. In this article we will evaluate how the industry has coped over the past year and what can be done to change it overall in the long term.

Currently we are seeing a lot of activity from political parties who are pledging improves in the services we enjoy in the UK thanks to the NHS as well as care plans. However there are many outstanding issues that need to be fixed and addressed prior to large scale investment from a new government. Issues such as the ones covered in the following article:

Raising Awareness

An Important step that needs to be taken in order improve the overall standards of these services on the whole is raising awareness about these issues in parliament as well as on social media. The more awareness that is spread about these issues the more pressure is put on government to respond to these issues appropriately. May successive governments have helped to build up the NHS as well as care sector only for it to falter under cuts as well as tough economic climates due to people not being able to afford elderly or disabled care for their loved ones.

What Changes Have Been Made?

There have been a number of significant changes that have come about in 2019. One of the main findings of many organisations has been that in many cases the mental health provision for people with learning difficulties has been classified as very poor.  This issue is not going away anytime soon and it is very important that the UK government addresses these issues before they become anymore serious.

On a more positive note , overall on the whole the care and quality commission found that on the whole many care organisations had actually improved their performances even when facing restricted budgets and cuts overall.  In 2018 the government published details of a 20 billion pound fund for the nhs which would be delivered by 2023

Looking Forward to the Future

Technology is fueling change and driving new solutions into the hands of the people.  Researchers are constantly developing solutions for some of our biggest diseases and health problems around today.  Volunteers from the older community are being hailed for their participation in groundbreaking studies that are necessary in order to better understand and target some of our main health issues.  Researchers have been working with data companies like Formedix, who deal with SDTM dataset software.  This clever software allows for clinical trials to be sped up considerably, as they have in the past taken over 10 years from start to finish to complete.  Utilising modern technology is helping us combat these medical issues faster than ever before, which is key to getting new solutions for our elderly community.

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